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Framed prints 带框画 

15*20cm / including frame, mats & paper print - 68rmb /10USD 98rmb 含相框,卡纸及照片

20*30cm - 99rmb / 15USD 150rmb

40*60cm - 268rmb / 40USD 450rmb


Paper print / Print on fabric (recommended) - light weight, easy to carry, suitable for square formats 经典相纸或白布画 - 轻盈,容易携带,适合方形照片

25*20cm / 22*22cm - 68rmb / 10USD 98rmb

30*40cm / 30*30cm - 108rmb / 16USD 180rmb

60*70cm / 65*65cm - 288rmb / 44USD 480rmb



Crystal print - long lasting, easy to place or hang 水晶版画 - 耐久性强,方便置放或悬挂

15*20cm - 68rmb / 10USD  90rmb

25*20cm - 115rmb / 17USD    150rmb

30*20cm - 135rmb / 20USD   180rmb

30*40cm - 235rmb / 35USD    320rmb

50*40cm - 360rmb / 54USD   520rmb


Payment method: Alipay / taobao / paypal / bank transfer (Chinese/American)


All prints can be shipped anywhere in mainland China, please contact us for a quote for shipping abroad 全国各地均可快递,假如您需要发往海外或港澳台,运费标准请与我们联系.


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Limited prints with photographer's autograph

25*20cm to 60*70cm - 600-6000rmb / 89 - 885USD


Square prints


 Himalaya series 喜马拉雅系列

numbered as 1-L, 1-R, 2-L, 2-R, 3-L, 3-R, 4-L, 4-R, 5-L, 5-R, 6-L, 6-R)


All sales from this section go towards funding for the Nepal Dalko camp 



Combo images




print number: 13-1, 13-2, 13-3, 13-4, 13-5, 13-6, 13-7, 13-8, 13-9


 Portraits of Himalayans Project



Images of Nepal




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Life along the ancient tea and horse caravans 茶馬古道生活

從左至右,從上至下,標號分別為 from left to right, top to bottom, this set numbered as ATH-1, ATH-2, ATH-3, ATH-4, ATH-5, ATH-6

photo print of Dali, Yunnan, China, along the tea and horse caravans 


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