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Images of Tibet

land of peace 静谧之地 1-2-3

 land of peace 静谧之地

people of Tibet 藏民系列 4-5-6



 pilgrimage 朝圣 7-8-9



Dzongsar Monastery 宗萨寺 1-2-3



color of red 红系列 4-5-6



Yaqing 亚青寺 7-8-9



Sound of prayers 祈祷之路 1-2-3



Tibetan Plateau 青藏高原 4-5-6 7-8-9




 home of yaks 牦牛之乡 1-2-3 4-5-6




nomads 游牧民族 7-8-9



Trace of life 生活痕迹 1-2-3 / 4-5-6 / 7-8-9





Life as an illusion 生命的幻觉 1-2-3 / 4-5-6 / 7-8-9




Colors of Tibet

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