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special offers for families with special needs children & NGO groups 特殊儿童家庭和NGO组织可享额外优惠 

Pandemic offers: 40% off for Dali sessions 

kids & family portraits London - Paris - Berlin - Beijing - New York natural lighting portraits China - America - Germany - France - UK 

Not An Illusion Photography 生命非幻觉摄影 

Hello, world  你好,生命

newborn portraits London - Paris - Berlin - Beijing - New York

mama/baba times  我的爸爸妈妈

kids & family portraits London - Paris - Berlin - Beijing - New York

photo sessions London - Paris - Berlin - Beijing - New York


together 我们在一起

photo sessions China - America - Germany - France - UK

outdoor 自由生活


It's Christmas!  又一年圣诞


diary of growing up  成长记






Beijing's Best Portrait Photographers listed by Cityweekend 2013 

Thank you very much for your support, 10% of the photo session fees will be donated to our Portraits of Himalayans Project. 您10%的摄影费用将会资助于我们的喜马拉雅公益肖像项目.


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Booking guidelines 选择合适您的摄影计划

2018 schedule


2019 schedule

Yunnan - Beijing - Europe

January 7-10: Kuala Lumpur

February 24-28: Guangzhou

April: Paris - Cologne - Hamburg - Berlin

Beijing sessions: May - December, 2019

Dali/Kunming/Lijiang Yunnan sessions: all year round

Guangzhou / Zhuhai sessions: October

Chengdu: May 12-18

Shanghai sessions: TBD


2019 年摄影师档期


吉隆坡: 1月7-10

广州: 2月24-28

云南大理/丽江/昆明: 全年皆可预约

4月: 法国巴黎 - 德国科隆 - 汉堡 - 柏林


广州 / 珠海:  十月

成都: 5月12-18




60-75 minute session (suitable for general kids & family portraits, can be outdoor, or indoor, or combination of both. No limits on number of people.)

* three packets available 

90-minute session (suitable for pre-wedding/engagement photo sessions; newborn/baby photos; families with 3 or more kids, and would like to try different locations and outfits.)

* five color styles available 

75X2-minute session (suitable for pre-wedding/engagement photo sessions; maternity photos with kid(s); families with 3 or more kids, and would like to try different locations and outfits.)

* This will allow you to take two sessions over two different days, 2-3 different locations can be chosen, which can cover in-house session, historical places and different parks

Half-day session 

* You can also divide it into two sessions over two different days, cover different parts of town, or share it with another family


 2015 Europe photo sessions - France, Italy & Germany 法国、意大利、德国/欧洲摄影档期


60-75 分钟体验套系 (适合儿童家庭摄影,孕照等可选择家里,让宝宝对环境更熟悉安全,也可以选择户外,或者两者结合. 不限人数.)

* 三种可选套餐

90-分钟经典套系 (适合情侣,订婚照;新生日百日儿/婴儿家庭照,带孩子的孕照,有三个或以上孩子的家庭,可户内外结合或选择两个接近的景点/公园)

* 五种色系可选

75X2-分钟经典双套系 (适合情侣,订婚照;带孩子的孕照,有三个或以上孩子的家庭,可户内外结合或选择两个接近的景点/公园)

* 此套系可分为两天拍摄,选择2-4个景点/公园,包括上门拍摄,小区户外,历史文化景点,公园等.


* 此套系可分为两天拍摄,覆盖北京城区不同地段,或者大理洱海、乡村、古城等.


More details 生命非幻觉摄影套餐详情


Special Offers 优惠政策:

Weekday special discount is available for Monday & Friday Beijing photo sessions;

20% discount is available all year around for Dali new sessions.

非周末特惠 适用于北京周一或周五时间段的摄影套餐;




新生儿,百日照,婴儿、儿童,亲子、家庭摄影; 孕照,家庭与宠物,订婚照,情侣写真,婚礼跟拍



Design your own photo book 相册制作

Make your own photo books and postcards.

If you have a collection of family photos and would like to make them into a photo book / photo album, or postcards, we provide high quality design and products. 


Testimonials/Reviews from our clients 来自我们客户的推荐及引言


Dear Xiaoling, the email arrived and I'm sitting here in bed with tissues to wipe the tears after seeing your pictures. I can't thank you enough for capturing those moments and taking the time to come by our place. I can't believe N used to be so small!!  Your pictures are really really amazing and I feel blessed for you being our photographer for the newborn shoot…     - Marisa


We used Not an Illusion for our maternity photos and again for our son's newborn photos. Xiaoling is great we are very happy with both sessions. Packages are reasonable and she gives a discount for weekdays.Highly recommended!




We recently had family photos, which included newborn photos, taken by Not An Illusion Photography. My husband and I were so impressed by their services, that I felt it was important to let others know about their work. Our photographer, Xiaoling, took beautiful, natural photos and was very patient while taking the photos. We had postcards and photo books printed that were delivered very quickly so that we could give them out at Christmas to our families. We were very happy with the quality of the products. 




We had family photos taken at a park. Xiaoling did such a wonderful job, caught all these natural photos of my 2.5 years old daughter. Everyone in our family love our album. We were visiting BJ from Long Island and had to do this shot in a short notice, XiaoLing was so accommodating. Thank you.