1.Prayer flags 

2.The monasteries have traditionally been great centers of learning. Dzongsar Monastery 

3. Sky burial is still performed in many areas, where vultures and crows inhabit. Up the hill is a sky burial site.

4.Yak dung wall

5. Homes. Village with hay drying structures.

6. Grandma's back is where the children grow up on

7. Wild mushroom season

8. Horse racing is considered one of the most traditional sports of Tibet

9.Yaks, the domesticated bovine from the Himalayas 

10. Early Autumn / Surrounded by mountains, miles without seeing any village 

11. Barley and Yak products are the main foods in the highlands - Tsampa, butter tea & yak cheese

12. Monks exploring the TLR film camera

13-15. alternative images of monasteries


4 seasons / 12 months

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Animal friends



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