Printing Products for members

aone 12-inch premium lay flat hard cover book: 300rmb (400
b. one 12-inch classic hard cover photo book (20*30cm, can include 30-40 images): 280rmb (325)
cone 12-inch Crystal photo book: 350rmb (550)

d Classic calendar 18*20cm: 100rmb (140)

    two 2015 classic calendars of the same design: 180rmb (280)

    10-inch calendar 25*20cm: 145rmb (195)
    two 2015 10-inch calendars of the same design: 260rmb (380)

eCustomized postcards (minimum 6 cards, 3.5-5rmb each) 
f.  two fridge magnets: one oval shape 7cm + one rectangle 6cm: 35rmb (40)
gone 10-inch Crystal Print: 70rmb (120

hFabric print (40X60cm, scrolls can be added) 45rmb (55)

iHard cover magazine book (30 images can be included), 20X30cm: 120rmb (220)

jPostcards (minimum 6 cards, 3.5-5rmb each) 



Birth Announcement/ customized Christmas cards