Photo gallery of our 2017 trips 旅程照片

2016 trip photos 旅程照片


Language: Chinese, English, French, Spanish & Nepali 

语言: 国语/粤语,英语,法语,西班牙语,尼泊尔语



Trip 1: walking meditation 徒步禅修

Trip 2: family friendly trip 合适亲子的文化线路

himalaya low-land areas, no special equipments required. 


Dates 时间:

7-day trip / 12-day trip, summers 2017 - 2018 




Activities 行程安排:


rest & get together in Kathmandu the first day

historical areas of Kathmandu 

some mornings of walking

after quake visit to a village

interact with local kids 

culture exchange activity - to share your cooking skill, as well as to learn a local dish, the kids can help

calming and inspiring healing workshops

monastery visit

visit of Sadhu, spiritual people from a deep culture background 

local homestay where the kids can chase chickens and goats

sauna or massage treatment  








喜馬拉雅山景 Nagarkot 納嘉闊特(意思是堡壘)


文化交流 - 厨艺交流,孩子们也可以帮忙









suitable for kids & family;

non-highland areas, no special equipment required

we will be staying in a variety of kids friendly guesthouses, farm houses, home-stay, non-commercial areas with deep cultural backgrounds, you will also have the option to upgrade your rooms in the city area.







Program instructor



Benjamin Monnet

Raised by the foothill of Alps in France, Benjamin speaks French, English, Spanish, as well as Nepali. He is a leading person in Nepal for after quake distribution, professional guide for Himalaya areas, healer, also founder of Pilgrims Books Research Institute.


成长于法国阿尔卑斯山脉,精通法语英语西班牙语及尼泊尔语,尼泊尔震后支援主要领导者, 专业登山者,Pilgrims Books Research Institute公益组织负责人,能量治疗师.


Assisting team:



Magic Expedition团队


Contact in China


Xiaoling Huang(沙利文妈妈)

Founder of Not An Illusino Productions 生命非幻觉摄影创始人

Portrait photographer for Asia based NGO projects 伦敦传媒与发展NGO项目驻华肖像摄影师 

Marketing & Community Outreach for summer programs 2005-1013年为TLC北京涉外夏令营市场与外联



Testimonials 向导印象


Avec Benjamin, chaque jour apporte son lot de rencontres,  d'échanges qui font que la découverte du pays prend un tout autre sens.  Proche des népalais,  de leur culture,  de leur histoire et de leur vie, Benjamin nous fait découvrir le Népal des népalais.

With Benjamin,  every day brings it's moment of share and meeting with people which makes the discovery of the country so different and special.  Close to the inhabitants, to their culture,  history and life, Benjamin allows you to see Nepal through nepali eyes.

- Christine, France 法国



- 晓玲, China 中国




Cost 费用


Members Discounts available if you have traveled with Magic Expeditions or stayed with Depth of Field Guesthouse 假如您是我们的老客户,单独报名也可享受团体价


To sign up 90 days prior to the trip, or a group of two families:


800USD/adult (成人), 550USD/child (孩子), 7-day trip


To sign up 30 days prior to the trip:


885USD/adult, 610USD/child, 7-day trip  


Each family is based on one parent + one child, a third person from the same family (and can share the same room) is 80% of the cost



Private jeep. Maximum each group: 8 people



The cost includes: transportation (after landing/before departing in Kathmandu), accommodation, guiding, program instruction, tour organizing, Photo book per family (provided by Not An Illusion Productions), meals (in order to be able to try different foods, also to alternate the cuisines, two of the meals from the 7-day trip are not included/four of the meals from the 12-day trip are not included)

Please arrange your own: transportation to and from Kathmandu airport, visa to Nepal.

You won't be asked to make donations, however, if you have used items that you don't need, e.g. kids' clothes, feel free to bring some. Personally I like to bring used clothes and give them out, with the space I free up from my suitcase, I can fill it with new items I purchase from Nepal, great place to shop for hand crafts, Cashmere products, spice etc.




个人往返加德满都的机票;签证(尼泊尔可以落地签,一般为了节省时间本人喜欢先办理签证再出境,费用低,时间短,需要签证中心联系方式的可联系我们);个人产生的费用及不可预计的费用 ;其他个人消费





How to register:


email us your interest (please tell us the total number of people, age of child/children, Parent's full name & the child's name) --> receive confirmation from us on space, registration form, deposit (500rmb deposit per person) --> digital copy of the receipt (we can also issue fapiao/official receipt) --> arrange your flights & visa (we can also assist) --> all fees must be paid before July 10th (digital receipt will be issued) --> get ready to go!


通过电邮email报名 (邮件请注明人数,孩子年龄,家长姓名,孩子小名) --> 名额确认,填写报名表,缴纳订金(每人预交500元订金)--> 电子收据(可开发票) --> 自己办理签证与往返加德满都的机票(我们可以协助,建议自己办理)--> 所有费用在7月10日前交齐 (电子收据,可开发票)--> 准备出发



Email contact


请通过email报名: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




For more information (phone or wechat)


+86-13810876664 (电话或微信)  仅供咨询,微信仅为报名意向,正式报名请电邮联系

+977 - 9849613094 


Photo gallery






Benjamin Monnet, taken by Keiko WongBenjamin Monnet, guiding in NepalKeiko Wong



Day 1:

Kathmandu heights for forest feeling and amazing viewpoints  

Night in orchard cottage resort, in Nagarjun hills between monasteries and temples.



Day 2:

Kathmandu City:

*Ancient Newar kingdom palace and square 

*Swayambunath sacred hill & Nagarjun Heights  

If possible, meeting with Shakya friends, descendants of Buddha Shakyamuni.


Day 3

*Pashupatinath Temple, encounter with resident saint.

*Bodnath Stupa  

*Changu Narayan & Changu Hill  

Night in local lodge or Farmstay


Day 4

*Changu Narayan temple and village

*Nagarkot, Visit of a Rural Women Empowerment Program/ Encounter with a meditative Aghori Sadhu  


Day 5

*Wake up before sunrise for 180deg viewpoint of the Himalayas... Everest to Annapurna panorama If clear sky!

*Medieval City Bhaktapur  

*Possibility of Cycling 

Drive to Namo Boddha Monastery  

Dinner with young monks. Night at Monastery.


Day 6

Morning Ceremony. 

Second chance to see Himalayan panorama at sunrise

Breakfast with monks and visit of the monastery  

Back to Bhaktapur for a local family homestay.



Day 7 


Drive back.

We can keep this day available for somewhere you'd like to go, as many interesting places remain to be visited, as lovely spiritual beings can be encountered.


A visit of Narayaniti palace where the royal massacre occured is possible 


Sauna or Massage treatment.


Night in orchard cottage resort.


Day 8:


Brunch in a "museum like" place. Keeping the surprise!

Drive back to the airport at your convenience.


Our program is family oriented, aimed at "natural life size harmonization", and obviously flexible according to the daily feelings of every member (time for group/individual initiation can be added for the ones keen to learn the benefits of meditative practices, yoga or the use of a medicinal bowl). 




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