Little Flower Projects 小花,北京福利院项目

a simple Friday morning and family meal.

The couple caring for the kids in Group Home 2 was the very first that Little Flower hired in the Group Educational Foster Homes project. The father of the family had polio and walks with a crutch and a cane. As the only one of our group home parents who knows what it’s like to be disabled, he has a great sense of connection and understanding with the kids he cares for.

"The day captured in these photos also happened to be Ying’s last day. This little girl you see in the rainbow dress would meet her new adoptive parents the very next morning. It was a bittersweet day, and we’re grateful that it could be captured on camera by such deft, discerning eyes. It really brings to life the old adage that a picture can speak a thousand words."  - quoted from founder of Little Flower Projects