Shaxi was one of the important stops along the ancient tea road, aka Tea and Horse Caravan Road/chamagudao of Southwest China.


The Shepherd 孤独的牧羊人


By Depth of Field Guesthouse Dali 恬野文化摄影家庭客栈


Lady in the market, it's spring festival (Chinese New Year), everyone was in a high spirit.

Man walking his cow by the market.


Spring on the bridge 村外的小桥,夏天的时候长满青草;

Bathing the horse 白马在村外河里洗澡;

Outside every village, often by a mountain, you often will see a shrine 村子外面一般有个神社,通常是依山而立,祈求风调雨顺.



Cows and horses in their winter homeland 枯草原上的奶牛;

Lady coming back from the filed 田里归来的妇女;

Drying sheets of milk skin 晒乳扇;

In every village, by the field, there often is a relatively taller white house, still don't know what it's for 村口总会有一座稍高的白房子,用处不明;



The respected men 巩固两基成果;

Local restaurant 镇上的白族餐厅;

China Mobile advertising 中国移动;

Birth control propaganda 计划生育;

 Along the tea road 茶马古道;

Doors to the past 古建筑;

 Light tower and the homeland 灯塔,田园,家园.


Dali, the lost kingdom 大理迁徙记

Depth of Field Guesthouse Dali 恬野文化摄影家庭客栈