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Gift cards/gift certificate/vouchers with your preferred value, or item


gift cards, certificate, vouchers for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yunnan Dali under 100rmb 节日礼券北京上海广州云南大理适用   

Gift certificates for companies/corporate gift cards



This is the perfect gift, whether for friends, family or as a corporate present for your business partners.

Purchase from our range of gift cards starting from RMB 100/USD16 or select your own preferred value, or select your preferred item and not have the value shown on the card.



Gift cards can be used on 礼券可用于

original photography prints/art prints/原创摄影画/墙画,

photo sessions 自然光肖像,

baby announcement cards/family cards/holiday cards 家庭明信片订制

photo book designing & printing 相册设计制作 / family books,

crystal wedding album,

printing on various materials/calendars 冲印服务


Valid for one year, holiday discounts available. 



Can be used for all mainland China, Payment methods include: taobao, alipay, bank transfer, paypal, cash, in rmb or USD.

适用于中国大陆区域,付款方式: 淘宝,支付宝,网银,Paypal, 现金,人民币或美金支付


To purchase, or have any questions? 联系方式

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call +86-138-1087-6664

number/quantity of gift certificates you would like:

type: choose your own value  RMB____

or choose a product  photo print for home deco / customized photo book / customized calendar / or else

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Most popular gifts last year 去年最受欢迎礼物:

#1: cultural prints for home deco/Sound of China images  原创摄影挂画

# 2: customized photo book 相册订制

# 3: customized calendars 台历订制


Art Prints - our online gallery 在线选画

Our printing service 冲印服务

Photo sessions 自然光肖像


Postcards sending service - send your holiday cards from China 名信片与代邮